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Cai All Meaning, Fullform & Abbreviations

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CAI: MeaningCategory
CAICaution annunciator indicatoravionics
CAIComputer Aided InstructionAirforce
CAIComputer Assisted InstructionAcronym
CAICairo International Airport[Cairo, Egypt]IATA Airport Code
CAIComputer-Aided Instructioncomputing
CAICommunity Associations InstituteCommunity abbreviations
CAIChild Adapted InstructionEducational abbreviations
CAICombined Arms InitiativesMilitary abbreviations
CAICubic Applications, Inc.Military abbreviations

Cai Related Meaning & Fullform

  • CE- Consumer Electronics
  • CII- Computer-Implemented Invention
  • CAH- Critical access hospital
  • CCI- Correct coding initiative
  • CCU- Cardiac care unit
  • CHA- Catholic Health Association
  • COI- Certificate of Insurance
  • CQI- Continuous quality improvement
  • Ca- Carcinoma
  • CC- Chief complaint
  • CIO- Chief information officer
  • C3I- Command, control, communications, and intelligence
  • CCC- Combustible cartridge case
  • CCO- Close combat optic
  • C/E- Crew/enlisted (enlisted aircrew member)
  • CEOI- Communications electronics operating instruction
  • CEU- Computer electronics unit
  • CG- Commanding general

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