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CAAS: MeaningCategory
CAASChildren's Attention and Adjustment SurveyEducational abbreviations
CAASCognitive Aptitude Assessment SystemEducational abbreviations
CAASCommunity Action Agency of SomervilleNon-Profit Organizations
CAASCenter for African American StudiesUniversity abbreviations
CAASCenter for Alcohol and Addiction StudiesUniversity abbreviations
CAASCenter for Athletic Academic ServicesUniversity abbreviations
CAASCentre for Academic and Administrative StudiesUniversity abbreviations
CAASChinese Academy of Agricultural SciencesUniversity abbreviations
CAASComprehensive Alumni Assessment SurveyUniversity abbreviations
CAASConcerned, Active, and Aware StudentsUniversity abbreviations

Caas Related Meaning & Fullform

  • CAS- Calibrated airspeed
  • CWS- Control wheel steering
  • CICU- Cardiac intensive care unit
  • COG- Continuity of government
  • CAG- Commander of the Air Group
  • CAWS- Cannon Artillery Weapons Systems (US)
  • CAX- Combined arms exercise
  • CIS- Chartered Industries of Singapore
  • CIWS- Close-in weapons system
  • COS- Chief of section
  • CAOC- Combined Air and Space Operations Center
  • CEG- Combat Evaluation Group
  • CES- Civil Engineering Squadron
  • CGOC- Company Grade Officers' Council

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