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CW: MeaningCategory
CWChemical warfaremilitary
CW(celestial object) Cepheid W Virginis, a class of Cepheids named after W Virginis, the archetype for the classastronomy
CWClose workoptometric
CWCity WalkCommunity abbreviations
CWClass WorkEducational abbreviations
CWCarrier WaveElectronics abbreviations
CWClockWiseElectronics abbreviations
CWContinuous WaveElectronics abbreviations
CWCanada Westcomputing abbreviations and acronyms
CWCable and Wirelessmedia abbreviations and acronyms
CWChronometer Watchmedia abbreviations and acronyms
CWCollected Worksmedia abbreviations and acronyms
CWCurrent Wordsmedia abbreviations and acronyms
CWChemical WarfareMilitary abbreviations
CWChemical WeaponsMilitary abbreviations
CWCode WordMilitary abbreviations
CWCombat WeaponMilitary abbreviations
CWColonial WilliamsburgNon-Profit Organizations
CWCircle Waxsports abbreviations
CWClub Wolverinesports abbreviations
CWCollege for WomenUniversity abbreviations
CWCollege of WestchesterUniversity abbreviations
CWCourse WorkUniversity abbreviations
CWCrimson WhiteUniversity abbreviations
CWClothes WasherAcronym
CWContinuous WaveAcronym
CWCook Islands (FIPS 10-4 territory code)Acronym

C w Related Meaning & Fullform

  • CE- Consumer Electronics
  • CII- Computer-Implemented Invention
  • CAI- Caution annunciator indicator
  • CAH- Critical access hospital
  • CCI- Correct coding initiative
  • CCU- Cardiac care unit
  • CHA- Catholic Health Association
  • COI- Certificate of Insurance
  • CQI- Continuous quality improvement
  • Ca- Carcinoma
  • CC- Chief complaint
  • CIO- Chief information officer
  • C3I- Command, control, communications, and intelligence
  • CCC- Combustible cartridge case
  • CCO- Close combat optic
  • C/E- Crew/enlisted (enlisted aircrew member)
  • CEOI- Communications electronics operating instruction
  • CEU- Computer electronics unit

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