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Bitc All Meaning, Fullform & Abbreviations

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BITC: MeaningCategory
BITCBase Information Transfer CenterAirforce
BITCBusiness In The CommunityCommunity abbreviations
BITCBharat Industrial Training CentreEducational abbreviations
BITCBerkeley Interlinear Text Collectorsoftware abbreviations and acronyms
BITCBiomedical Interactive Technology Center (Georgia Tech)University abbreviations
BITCBiomolecular Interaction Technologies CenterUniversity abbreviations

Bitc Related Meaning & Fullform

  • BATES- Battlefield Artillery Target Engagement System
  • BITS- Base Information Transfer System
  • BTZ- Below the zone Early promotion from E- 3 to E – 4
  • BATS- Behavior Analysis Training System
  • BDOS- Basic Disk Operating System; part of CP/M
  • BDS
  • BETS- Bradley Embedded Training System
  • BTIS- Battlefield Target Identification System
  • BTEX- benzene, toluene, ethyl-benzene and xylene
  • BTO/C- break to open/close (valve torque)
  • BDC- Barra do Corda Airport
  • BDG- Blanding Municipal Airport
  • BDJ- Syamsudin Noor Airport
  • BDK- Soko Airport
  • BDQ- Vadodara Airport
  • BDZ- Baindoung Airport
  • BTC- Batticaloa Airport
  • BTG- Batangafo Airport
  • BTJ- Sultan Iskandarmuda Airport

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