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BADD: MeaningCategory
BADDBattlefield Awareness and Data DisseminationAcronym
BADDBluejays Against Destructive DecisionsEducational abbreviations
BADDBrothers Against Drunk DrivingEducational abbreviations
BADDBuffaloes Against Destructive DesisionsEducational abbreviations
BADDBattlefield Awareness Data DiseminationMilitary abbreviations
BADDBicyclists Against Drunk DrivingNon-Profit Organizations
BADDBothered About Dungeons And Dragonssports abbreviations
BADDBulldogs Against Drugs and DrinkingUniversity abbreviations

Badd Related Meaning & Fullform

  • BITE- Built-In Test Equipment
  • BDI- Bearing distance indicator
  • BAT- Biometrics Automated Toolset
  • BD- base detonating
  • BDA- Browning double action or bomb damage assessment
  • BDU- Battle dress uniform
  • BT- Boat tail
  • BTA- Best technical approach
  • BTU- Bullet trap universal
  • BIT- Bystander Intervention Training
  • BFT- Blue Force Tracking
  • BOT- Basic Officer Training
  • BBD- Barbadian dollar (ISO 4217 currency code)

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