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b.: MeaningCategory
b.birthCommunity abbreviations
b.bornCommunity abbreviations
B: MeaningCategory
Bprefix denoting a number in billionsoil&gas
B(catalog) Barnard catalogastronomy
BBoronChemistry abbreviations
BBurningCommunity abbreviations
BBasicEducational abbreviations
BBehaviorEducational abbreviations
BBoredEducational abbreviations
BBoysEducational abbreviations
BBase (transistor)Electronics abbreviations
Bform B (normally closed) contactsElectronics abbreviations
BBiotechnewsmedia abbreviations and acronyms
BBoldmedia abbreviations and acronyms
BBordermedia abbreviations and acronyms
BBrochuremedia abbreviations and acronyms
BBallisticMilitary abbreviations
BBarrierMilitary abbreviations
BBlankMilitary abbreviations
BBomberMilitary abbreviations
BBrowningMilitary abbreviations
BBullMilitary abbreviations
BBusterMilitary abbreviations
BBytesoftware abbreviations and acronyms
BBallssports abbreviations
BBaseballsports abbreviations
BBingosports abbreviations
BBoxersports abbreviations
BBroncosports abbreviations
BBandUniversity abbreviations

B Related Meaning & Fullform

  • BBA- Balanced Budget Act of 1997
  • BHAI- Behavioral Health Affiliate of Iowa
  • BIA- Bureau of Indian Affairs
  • BE- Barium enema
  • BP- Blood pressure
  • BAe- British Aerospace
  • BB- Base bleed
  • BFA- Blank-firing adaptor or blank-firing attachment
  • BFV- Bradley Fighting Vehicle
  • BUA- BILL under armour or built-up area
  • BW- Bacteriological warfare
  • BAH- Basic Allowance for Housing
  • BF- Slang - 'Buddy Fucker' (Someone who through action or inaction causes harm or distress for a fellow Airman) Also, 'Bravo Foxtrot' or 'Blue Falcon'
  • BU- Builder
  • BA- Bachelor for Administration
  • B10- Ben 10
  • B10: UA- Ben 10: Ultimate Alien

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