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ATM: MeaningCategory
ATMAnti-tank minemilitary
ATMAltamira Airport[Altamira, ParĂ¡, Brazil]IATA Airport Code
ATM(person) hobbyist engaged in Amateur telescope making (may also refer to the book of the same title, Amateur Telescope Making)astronomy
ATMair traffic managementaerospace
ATMAsynchronous Transfer Modecomputing
ATMAtmosphereChemistry abbreviations
ATMAccess To Tree Of MoneyCommunity abbreviations
ATMAnother Teachable MomentEducational abbreviations
ATMAsychronous Transfer ModeElectronics abbreviations
ATMAutomated Timing MechanismElectronics abbreviations
ATMAutomatic Timing MechanismElectronics abbreviations
ATMAdobe Type Managercomputing abbreviations and acronyms
ATMAschronous Transfer Modecomputing abbreviations and acronyms
ATMAutomated Transactional Managementcomputing abbreviations and acronyms
ATMAakash Times Magazinemedia abbreviations and acronyms
ATMAdvanced Trauma ManagementMilitary abbreviations
ATMAir Target MaterialMilitary abbreviations
ATMAir Traffic ManagementMilitary abbreviations
ATMAnti-Tactical MissileMilitary abbreviations
ATMAnti-Tank MissileMilitary abbreviations
ATMArmy Ten-MilerMilitary abbreviations
ATMAssign Traffic MeteringMilitary abbreviations
ATMAutomated Telephone Managersoftware abbreviations and acronyms
ATMAsynchronous Transfer ModeAcronym
ATMAt The MomentAcronym
ATMAutomated Teller MachineAcronym

Atm Related Meaning & Fullform

  • ADM- Air data module
  • ADAM- Area Denial Artillery Munition
  • ATN- Dronning Maud Land (ISO 3166 trigram; merged with AQ in 1983)
  • ADEM- Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis
  • ADN- Andes Airport
  • Authen.- Authentica ("Authentic" e.g. letters)
  • AT NO- Atomic Number
  • ATOM- Ancient Teachings Of The Masters
  • ADNA- Atlanta Downtown Neighborhood Association
  • ATDN- Adult Training and Development Network

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