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atc: MeaningCategory
atcanti-platelet Trialists' CollaborationNon-Profit Organizations
ATC: MeaningCategory
ATCAir traffic controlavionics
ATCArthur's Town Airport[Arthur's Town, Cat Island, Bahamas]IATA Airport Code
ATCair traffic controlaerospace
ATCAvailable transfer capabilityenergy
ATCAll-terrain cyclesports
ATCActive Thermal ConvectionChemistry abbreviations
ATCAlcohol Type ConcentrateChemistry abbreviations
ATCAutomatic Temperature CompensationChemistry abbreviations
ATCAnother Traveling CircusCommunity abbreviations
ATCAdult Training CentreEducational abbreviations
ATCAmpere Time CounterElectronics abbreviations
ATCAbstract Test Casecomputing abbreviations and acronyms
ATCAdvanced Transfer Cachecomputing abbreviations and acronyms
ATCAmerican TV and Communicationsmedia abbreviations and acronyms
ATCAberdeen Test CenterMilitary abbreviations
ATCActive Training CellMilitary abbreviations
ATCAdvanced Training CadetMilitary abbreviations
ATCAir Threat ConferenceMilitary abbreviations
ATCAir Traffic ControlMilitary abbreviations
ATCAir Training CommandMilitary abbreviations
ATCAir Training CorpsMilitary abbreviations
ATCAir Transport CommandMilitary abbreviations
ATCAir Transportable ClinicMilitary abbreviations
ATCArmy Tactical CenterMilitary abbreviations
ATCArmy Training CenterMilitary abbreviations
ATCAttack The CrippleMilitary abbreviations
ATCAutomatic Target CueingMilitary abbreviations
ATCAppalachian Trail ConferenceNon-Profit Organizations
ATCAppalachian Trail ConservancyNon-Profit Organizations
ATCAhead of Time Compilationsoftware abbreviations and acronyms
ATCAllbase Turbo Connectsoftware abbreviations and acronyms
ATCAuthor The Computersoftware abbreviations and acronyms
ATCAchilles Track Clubsports abbreviations
ATCAgainst The Clocksports abbreviations
ATCArchery Training Classsports abbreviations
ATCAthletic Training and Conditioningsports abbreviations
ATCAdvanced Technical CreditUniversity abbreviations
ATCAdvanced Technology CenterUniversity abbreviations
ATCAgricultural Technology CenterUniversity abbreviations
ATCAgricultural Telematics CentreUniversity abbreviations
ATCAlbany Technical College, Albany, GeorgiaUniversity abbreviations
ATCAthletic Trainer CertifiedUniversity abbreviations
ATCAir Traffic ControlAcronym
ATCAir Training CorpsAcronym
ATCU.S. Air Transport Command (1942–1948)- Athletic Trainer, Certified (

Atc Related Meaning & Fullform

  • ADC- Air data computer
  • ADS- Either; Automatic Dependent Surveillance or air data system
  • ADS-A- Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Address
  • AIDS- Aircraft Integrated Data System
  • ATCSS- Air traffic control signalling system
  • ATIS- Automated Terminal Information Service
  • ATSU- Air Traffic Services Unit
  • ADC-A- Assistant Division Commander
  • ATACS- Advanced tank cannon system (US)
  • ATAS- Automatic target acquisition system
  • ATG- Anti-tank gun
  • ATGW- Anti-tank guided weapon
  • ATK- Alliant Techsystems
  • ATS- Atelier de Construction de Tarbes
  • ATTC- All Terrain Tracked Carrier
  • ATTS- Air Transportable Towed System
  • AADS- Alaskan Air Defense Sector

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