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ASSET: MeaningCategory
ASSETAssessment of Skills for Successful Entry and TransferEducational abbreviations
ASSETAutomotive Student Service Educational TrainingEducational abbreviations
ASSETAligned Segment Statistical Evaluation Toolsoftware abbreviations and acronyms
ASSETAsset Source for Software Engineering Technologysoftware abbreviations and acronyms
ASSETAssessment of Safety Significant Event Teamssports abbreviations
ASSETAlumni Scholars for Service Excellence and TransformationUniversity abbreviations

Asset Related Meaning & Fullform

  • ASD- Aircraft situation display
  • ASCOD- Austrian Spanish Co-operative Development
  • ACOT- Advanced Communications Officer Training
  • AGD- Academy of General Dentistry
  • ACID- Amansuri Conservation and Integrated Development
  • ACCD- American Coalition of Citizens with Disabilities
  • ACDA- Arms Control & Disarmament Agency
  • ACDT- Apple Certified Desktop Technician
  • ACHT- Average Call Hold Time
  • ACST- Australian Central Standard Time
  • ACT- Adaptive Control of Thought (cognitive model)
  • ACTD- Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration
  • ACTU- Australian Council of Trade Unions
  • AEST- Australian Eastern Standard Time
  • AICD- Australian Institute of Company Directors

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