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ASPIRE: MeaningCategory
ASPIREAcademic Support Program Inspiring Renaissance EducatorsEducational abbreviations
ASPIREAccess to Student Programs in Reach of EveryoneEducational abbreviations
ASPIREAchieving Student Potential in Reaching and ExpandingEducational abbreviations
ASPIREAfter School Program In Robotics EngineeringEducational abbreviations
ASPIREAfter School Programs Inspire Reading EnrichmentEducational abbreviations
ASPIREAfter School Programs of Instruction Recreation and EnrichmentEducational abbreviations
ASPIREAssociation of Special Programs In Region EightEducational abbreviations
ASPIREArmy Single Parents Initiating Resources EverywhereMilitary abbreviations
ASPIREAmerica Savings for Personal Investment Retirement and EducationNon-Profit Organizations

Aspire Related Meaning & Fullform

  • AHCPR- Agency for Health Care Policy and Research (obsolete; replaced with AHRQ)
  • ASFAR- Americans for a Society Free of Age Restrictions
  • ASPARC- Ability of Solder Paste to Retain Components
  • AASPR- Army Aviation System Program Review
  • ACEBRD- Airborne Communications and Electronics Board
  • ACPERS- Army Civilian Personnel System
  • AQQPRI- Amended Qualitative and Quantitative Personnel Requirements Information
  • ASBR- Autonomous System Boundary Routers
  • ASBREM- Armed Services Biomedical Research, Evaluation, and Management
  • ASPR- Armed Services (or Army Service) Procurement Regulation
  • ASPRDE- Advanced Systems Planning, Research, Development, and Engineering
  • ASPUR- Automated System for Processing Unit Requirements
  • ACFR- American Committees on Foreign Relations
  • ACPRC- Arthritis and Cancer Pain Research Center
  • ACVR- American College of Veterinary Radiology

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