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ART: MeaningCategory
ARTAccredited record technicianhealthcare
ARTArmoured Recon Transportmilitary
ARTactuator running tooloil&gas
ARTWatertown International Airport[Watertown, New York, United States]IATA Airport Code
ARTAdvanced Reiki TrainingEducational abbreviations
ARTAdvocacy, Research, and TrainingEducational abbreviations
ARTAnthropomorphic Robotic Testbedcomputing abbreviations and acronyms
ARTAmerican Repertory Theatremedia abbreviations and acronyms
ARTArab Radio and Televisionmedia abbreviations and acronyms
ARTActive Release TechnologyMilitary abbreviations
ARTAdvanced Rotorcraft TechnologyMilitary abbreviations
ARTAnnual Refresher TrainingMilitary abbreviations
ARTArmy Regional ThreatsMilitary abbreviations
ARTArmy Reserve TechniciansMilitary abbreviations
ARTAssessment Recovery TeamMilitary abbreviations
ARTAdvanced Rendering Technologysoftware abbreviations and acronyms
ARTAdvanced Reporting Toolkitsoftware abbreviations and acronyms
ARTActive Release Techniquesports abbreviations
ARTAdvanced Racing Technologysports abbreviations
ARTAdvanced Reflexology Trainingsports abbreviations
ARTAcademy of Realistic TaxidermyUniversity abbreviations
ARTAdaptive Resonance TheoryAcronym
ARTAnti-Retroviral TherapyAcronym

Art Related Meaning & Fullform

  • ARD- Anti-reflective device
  • ARRT- American Registry of Radiologic Technologists
  • ARDA- Advanced Research and Development Activity (became DTO 2006)
  • ARDE- Aspect-Ratio-Dependent Etching
  • ARID- Active Reviews for Intermediate Designs
  • AART- Advanced Animation and Rendering Techniques
  • AWRT- American Women in Radio and Television
  • AARD- Advanced Automotive Recovery Department
  • AERTA- Army Environmental Requirements and Technology Assessments
  • AOIRT- Automated Operational Information Requirements Tool
  • ARRED- Army Component of US REDCOM

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