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ARMS: MeaningCategory
ARMSAttendance Reading And Math For StudentsEducational abbreviations
ARMSAmpere Root Mean SquareElectronics abbreviations
ARMSArc flash Reduction Maintenance SwitchElectronics abbreviations
ARMSAll Radio Methodology Studymedia abbreviations and acronyms
ARMSAircraft Reliability and Maintainability SimulationMilitary abbreviations
ARMSArmored Re-supply Multi-purpose SystemMilitary abbreviations
ARMSArmy Retooling and Manufacturing SupportMilitary abbreviations
ARMSAutomated Resources Management SystemMilitary abbreviations
ARMSAviation Resources Management SurveyMilitary abbreviations
ARMSAsian Relief and Medical ServicesNon-Profit Organizations
ARMSAssociation for Repetitive Motion SyndromesNon-Profit Organizations
ARMSAmiga Records Management Systemsoftware abbreviations and acronyms

Arms Related Meaning & Fullform

  • ARINC- Aeronautical Radio, Incorporated
  • ARMSCOR- Armament Manufacturing Corporation (South Africa)
  • AIRMICS- Army Institute for Research and Management Information Communications & Computer Sciences (Atlanta, GA)
  • ARM CR- Armourer's Crew
  • ARMCOM- ARmament Materiel Readiness COMmand
  • ARMMIS- Aviation Roundout Maintenance Management Information System
  • ARNC- Alliance of Really Nice Countries
  • ARNG- Army National Guard
  • ARNGUS- Army National Guard of the United States
  • ARNS- AppleTallk Remote Network Server

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