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AFK: MeaningCategory
AFKAway From Keyboard (Internet chat abbreviation)Acronym
AFKAway From KitchenCommunity abbreviations
AFKAstronomy For KidsEducational abbreviations
AFKAway From the KeyboardMilitary abbreviations
AFKApplication Framework Kitsoftware abbreviations and acronyms
AFKA Free Kicksports abbreviations

Afk Related Meaning & Fullform

  • AVC- Advanced Video Coding
  • ABAS- Aircraft-Based Augmentation System
  • AFCS- Automatic flight control system
  • AFIS- Either; Automatic flight information service or airborne flight information system
  • APC- Auto Pilot Computer
  • APS- Auto Pilot System
  • AAPCC- Average Adjusted Per Capita Cost
  • APG- Ambulatory patient group
  • AAPC- Advanced Armoured Personnel Carrier (Turkey)
  • ABC- Atomic, biological, chemical (replaced by chemical, biological, radiological (CBR), and Nuclear, biological, chemical (NBC))
  • AB(C)- Aviation battalion (combat)
  • ABS- Aww-Busting System
  • AFAS- advanced Field Artillery System
  • AFC- Australian Flying Corps
  • AFSC- air force specialty code
  • AIFS- Advanced Indirect Fire System

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