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ADTP: MeaningCategory
ADTPAddiction Day Treatment ProgramCommunity abbreviations
ADTPAlcohol and Drug Treatment ProgramCommunity abbreviations
ADTPAdaptive Driver Training ProgramEducational abbreviations
ADTPAdolescent Day Treatment ProgramEducational abbreviations
ADTPArmy Drug Testing ProgramMilitary abbreviations
ADTPAssistant Directors Training ProgramUniversity abbreviations
ADTPAustralian Digital Theses ProgramUniversity abbreviations

Adtp Related Meaning & Fullform

  • ADF- Automatic direction finder
  • ATV- All-terrain vehicle
  • ADP- Airman Development Plan
  • ADPE- Automated Data Processing Equipment
  • AATUF- All-African Trade Union Federation
  • ADB- African Development Bank
  • ADAP- AIDS Drug Assistance Program
  • ADTB- Army Doctrine and Training Bulletin
  • adv.- adversus (Latin, "against")
  • ATAPI- Advanced Technology Attachment Packet Interface
  • ADEP- Awaiting Development with Exploration Potential, referring to an asset

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