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Acr All Meaning, Fullform & Abbreviations

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ACR: MeaningCategory
ACRAdjusted community ratinghealthcare
ACRAdvanced Combat Riflemilitary
ACRArmored cavalry regimentmilitary
ACRArmored cruiserNavy
ACRAmerican College of RadiologyMedical-organisations
ACRAmerican College of RheumatologyMedical-organisations
ACRAdvanced Concepts and RequirementsAcronym
ACRAraracuara Airport[Araracuara, Colombia]IATA Airport Code
ACRAllowed Cell Ratecomputing
ACRAttenuation to Crosstalk Ratiocomputing
ACRAcceptance, Communication, and RelationshipsEducational abbreviations
ACRAutomatic Circuit RecloserElectronics abbreviations
ACRAdvanced Computational Researchcomputing abbreviations and acronyms
ACRAnimated Computer Renderingcomputing abbreviations and acronyms
ACRACCS (Army command and Control System) Capability RequirementsMilitary abbreviations
ACRAdvanced Concepts RequirementsMilitary abbreviations
ACRAerial Combat ReconnaissanceMilitary abbreviations
ACRAir Crew RescueMilitary abbreviations
ACRArmored Cavalry RegimentMilitary abbreviations
ACRArmy Capability RequirementMilitary abbreviations
ACRArmy Central RegistryMilitary abbreviations
ACRAssign Channel ReassignmentMilitary abbreviations
ACRAlley Cat RescueNon-Profit Organizations
ACRACRosssports abbreviations
ACRAmerican Club Racersports abbreviations
ACRAmerican Club Racingsports abbreviations
ACRAutomotive Club Racersports abbreviations
ACRAverage Crappy Racecarsports abbreviations

Acr Related Meaning & Fullform

  • ASR- Airport surveillance radar
  • ACRI- African Crisis Initiative
  • AESR- Aeronautical Equipment Service Record
  • AZUR- Actions en zone urbaine (French, Urban Operations)
  • AGRU- acid gas removal unit
  • AGR- Agra Airport/Agra Air Force Station
  • AJR- Arvidsjaur Airport
  • AKR- Akure Airport
  • AXR- Arutua Airport
  • AZR- Touat Cheikh Sidi Mohamed Belkebir Airport
  • AQCR- Air Quality Control Region (US) (environment)
  • ASWR- Autism Services Waterloo Region
  • ACIRI- Adult Child Interactive Reading Inventory
  • AACSR- Aluminium Alloy Conductor Steel Reinforced

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