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Abs.: MeaningCategory
Abs.Absens ("Absent")ecclesiastical
ABS: MeaningCategory
ABSAww-Busting Systemmilitary
ABSanti-skid braking systemmilitary
ABSacrylonitrile butadiene styreneAcronym
ABSanti-lock braking systemAcronym
ABSAbu Simbel Airport[Abu Simbel, Egypt]IATA Airport Code
ABSAbsorbChemistry abbreviations
ABSAcrylonitrile Butadiene StyreneChemistry abbreviations
ABSAlkyl BenzeneSulfonateChemistry abbreviations
ABSAbsentEducational abbreviations
ABSAmman Baccalaureate SchoolEducational abbreviations
ABSAnti Bullying StrategiesEducational abbreviations
ABSAnti-lock Breaking SystemEducational abbreviations
ABSAntilock Braking SystemElectronics abbreviations
ABSAutomatic Blip ScanElectronics abbreviations
ABSAutomatic Brightness StabilizationElectronics abbreviations
ABSAllocation Based Schedulingcomputing abbreviations and acronyms
ABSAutomated Batch Submissioncomputing abbreviations and acronyms
ABSAbstractmedia abbreviations and acronyms
ABSAmerican Behavioral Scientist magazinemedia abbreviations and acronyms
ABSAssociation for Broadcast Standardsmedia abbreviations and acronyms
ABSAssociation on Broadcasting Standardsmedia abbreviations and acronyms
ABSAble Bodied SeamanMilitary abbreviations
ABSAction Battle SystemMilitary abbreviations
ABSAdvanced Battle SimulationMilitary abbreviations
ABSAfter Body SectionMilitary abbreviations
ABSAir Base SecurityMilitary abbreviations
ABSAir Base SimulatorMilitary abbreviations
ABSAir Base SquadronMilitary abbreviations
ABSAir Base SupplyMilitary abbreviations
ABSAir Breathing SystemMilitary abbreviations
ABSAntenna Base SpringMilitary abbreviations
ABSAnti Burst SystemMilitary abbreviations
ABSAnti-lock Braking SystemMilitary abbreviations
ABSAtlantic Base SectionMilitary abbreviations
ABSAutomated Beam SteeringMilitary abbreviations
ABSAutomated Briefing SystemMilitary abbreviations
ABSAmerican Bible SocietyNon-Profit Organizations
ABSAmerican Biophysical SocietyNon-Profit Organizations
ABSAmerican Board of SurgeryNon-Profit Organizations
ABSAmerican Boxwood SocietyNon-Profit Organizations
ABSAurora Beach SocietyNon-Profit Organizations
ABSActive Battle Systemsports abbreviations
ABSAdventure Battle Systemsports abbreviations
ABSAnti Bolt Sticksports abbreviations
ABSAcademy of Biblical StudiesUniversity abbreviations
ABSAntilock Brake SystemUniversity abbreviations
ABSAnything But SmartUniversity abbreviations
ABSApplied Behavioral ScienceUniversity abbreviations
ABSAssociation of Bucknell StudentsUniversity abbreviations

Abs Related Meaning & Fullform

  • AVC- Advanced Video Coding
  • ABAS- Aircraft-Based Augmentation System
  • AFCS- Automatic flight control system
  • AFIS- Either; Automatic flight information service or airborne flight information system
  • APC- Auto Pilot Computer
  • APS- Auto Pilot System
  • AAPCC- Average Adjusted Per Capita Cost
  • APG- Ambulatory patient group
  • AAPC- Advanced Armoured Personnel Carrier (Turkey)
  • ABC- Atomic, biological, chemical (replaced by chemical, biological, radiological (CBR), and Nuclear, biological, chemical (NBC))
  • AB(C)- Aviation battalion (combat)
  • AFAS- advanced Field Artillery System
  • AFC- Australian Flying Corps
  • AFSC- air force specialty code
  • AIFS- Advanced Indirect Fire System
  • AIPS- Advanced Integrated Propulsion System (US)
  • APBC- Armour-piercing ballistic cap

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